Father's day

The perfect Father's Day gift: a trendy men's bracelet

With Father's Day just around the corner, it's time to think about the perfect gift for the most important man in your life: your dad. Of course you choose something personal and stylish, something more original than socks or a fragrance. How about a men's bracelet with natural stone beads, a Morse code, or durable cord made from PET bottles?
In the world of men's accessories, the bracelet is a subtle but powerful way to express style and personality. A bracelet can be worn both casually and for business, making it a versatile item that will match your dad's outfit any day of the week.

Men's bracelets with natural stones and leather
The new collection by Julian offers lots of choice in natural stone and wooden beads and leather, materials with a unique look and texture. Natural stone beads are particularly versatile. Not only because of their colours and natural shades. They also have a special effect. For instance, moss agate and ocean jasper are known for their calming and grounding properties. Our leather men's bracelets offer a classic and robust look, ideal for the tough dad.

Mr. & Mrs. collection: a bond you share
A special part of our collection is the Mr. & Mrs. series.These are two bracelets in two different sizes.This also makes them very nice for father and child. This is a stylish and loving way to show how strong your bond is.You can also expand the set with bracelets for the other family members.
Morse code men's bracelets: a secret message
And what about a Morse code men's bracelet?Make up a fun message, of up to nine letters.And we will translate it for you into the dots and stripes of Morse code.It's a perfect way to share a special memory or message in a subtle way.Because hardly anyone will discover what it says.Each bracelet is handmade and offers a unique way to convey ‘I love you’, ‘Thank you’ or any other secret message.

Men's bracelets made of recycled PET bottles
You will also find men's bracelets made from recycled PET bottles. These stylish bracelets show that you care about your environment. They are available in various colours, with robust stainless steel magnetic clasps. The colours and material stay beautiful even if you wear the bracelet day and night. So the bracelets are also durable to wear.
As unique as your father

A handmade men's bracelet from by Julian is more than just a pretty accessory. Surprise your dad with a gift as unique as he is.
We like to make it easy for you to give your father a gift that suits his personality and lifestyle.That way, you can be sure he will wear the bracelet with pride, every day.
Order your Father's Day gift on time!
You will receive your order in a luxury FSC® certified storage box, ready to give as a gift. Order on time and allow for a delivery time of up to three working days. Curious about the collections mentioned above?So go straight to morsecode, Mr. & Mrs., new collection, RECYCLED bracelets.Or check out all our collections and go to the shop.