Materials and maintenance

We use different types of materials for our bracelets. We often work with leather, wood, natural stone, stainless steel and DQ metal. DQ metal is metal that has a real silver plating, a beautiful quality. The metal parts are purchased as nickel-free.

Natural stone bracelets: By using natural stone and our stainless steel logo bead, you can wear this bracelet while showering. However, there is a chance that the elastic core will run out a bit. But if e.g. your elastic has stretched or a connection has come loose, you can put your bracelet aside, but that is of course a shame! For a small fee we can rethread your bracelet.

Wooden bead bracelets: Wood is a natural product and can become "discoloured" by wearing it (something that we at by Julian find especially beautiful about wooden beads). It is recommended not to take a shower/swim etc with these bracelets.

Cord bracelets: Much of the collection consists of PPM rope. This rope is very strong, absorbs little water, floats, does not get dirty easily and dries quickly. Together with the stainless steel magnetic clasp and the water-resistant glue, this guarantees beautiful quality and very long wearing pleasure. However, with this material be careful not to wear it next to something sharp (e.g. pin of your watch) because of the abrasion it may fray.

Leather bracelets: Leather cannot withstand water, of course a splash of water is no problem but don't take a shower with it, exercise etc. This may cause colour differences, the leather may start to break or loosen from the clasp. Wear your bracelet with care and you will enjoy it for a long time.

Care tips:

When not wearing your jewellery store it dark and moisture-free.

Avoid direct contact with chemicals (such as perfume) and avoid chlorine and sulphurous substances.

Do you have a sedentary job that involves a lot of sliding your arm across a desk? Then wear the silver beads and clasps on the top of your wrist to avoid "scratching".