Recycled bracelets

Sustainable and handmade men's bracelets made from recycled PET bottles

Opting for sustainable materials is more than a trend. So we started looking for ways to combine our handmade men's bracelets with a positive impact. We discovered a sustainable cord made from PET bottles.

Our bracelets are made in the Netherlands. And that's why we think it's extra nice that we found a Dutch supplier for the cord as well. They specialise in processing PET bottles. And their production process is also sustainable. All required energy is generated by solar panels on the roof. Fun fact: one kilo of cord contains 40 PET bottles.

It's about style and substance
Just as our Morse code men's bracelets are a unique way to wear a personal message, our men's recycled PET bottle bracelets tell you that you care about sustainability. That you don't just care about the style, but also the content of the message. And that, we believe, is a trend that continues to grow.

Our men's bracelets are durable to wear
The men's bracelets are available in three colours: blue, green/brown and black, with a stainless steel magnetic clasp. They are durable because the material is recycled. And besides, they are also indestructible and therefore durable to wear. We have tested the material extensively and we are very satisfied. The colours and material stay beautiful even if you wear the bracelet day and night. You can even shower with it, as the cord hardly absorbs any water and dries quickly. And not only the cord, but also the clasp and glue are water-resistant. Just be aware that the material may fray if it comes into contact with something sharp, such as a pin on your watch.

Sustainably made in the Netherlands
We are at the beginning of moving towards a 100% circular economy. By choosing recycled materials, which are also made sustainably in the Netherlands, you stimulate this movement. With our handmade men's bracelets made of recycled PET bottles, you combine stylish craftsmanship with a positive impact. Curious about the collection? Go to the shop.