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Morse code Custom

Morse code Custom

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Wrist size
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How to select the wright size?
- You can easily determine the correct size of your bracelet by taking a tape measure and tightly measuring the circumference of your wrist under your wrist bones (towards your elbow).
- In the menu, you can choose from several sizes, you can then select the one closest to your wrist.
- Do not add extra space to your wrist circumference, we already do this for you.

*Please note that the wrist size is not the same as the length of a bracelet.

For reference: the average men's wrist size is 18 cm.

My wrist size is not listed, what now?
Because all bracelets are made in our own studio, less common sizes can be made by arrangement.
Contact us via e-mail ( or the contact form and we will discuss the possibilities.

A personal message in a bracelet. Choose your own text of up to 9 letters (maximum 28 . (dots)  and - (dashes) characters for a wrist size of 18 cm).

Want to be sure the word you have in mind will fit on the bracelet?
Mail us ( and mention the word and the wrist size and we will calculate it for you.
If you have more than one word, we will use a hematite disc as a blank.

The bracelet is made of 6mm black onyx and hematite beads finished with a by Julian stainless steel logo bead strung on strong elastic nylon thread.

As nature takes its course, all natural stones are unique.

For the - signs, you can choose from 4 colours of hematite beads. 

The bracelet comes in a bracelet box with the morse code and meaning.

First picture, onyx and anthracite beads
Second picture, ocean jasper and copper beads
3th picture, moss agate and gold beads
4th picture agate and anthracite beads
5th picture snowflake obsidian and silver beads

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